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Meet Rajshree Choudhary

Meet Rajshree Choudhary I am a woman who is perfectionist, took months to write about my page, still feels it is not perfect. It feels like the more I write about me, the more I get to know myself consciously. Wondering what is it that I learned about myself? Authentically speaking, I came to realise that who I was as a kid is the best or I would say the perfect version of myself. But somewhere in these growing years, I got lost. What made me get to this realisation was nothing new, it was usual present-day crises. Whenever I feel myself drowning into the messes, I remember my golden days and try to re-live it over and over again in my mind. But that’s not the reality. So what should I do now? The answer was simple, take the best part of ME from the past, which was MINDFULNESS. Living in the moment and creating what I love. Art is something which makes me happy, alive and meditative. Yes, it is not the mindful meditation as we all know. Yet Art provides me with such bliss, that no other work does. I live for these fraction moments of happiness. I am blessed with the strength of Individualization and a learner with interest in various fields of Healthy Creative Life, which makes me a bank of specific experiences. I am willing to share by creating unknown relatable connections. Just like after reading a book (fiction or biographies), we always relate ourselves with any character, event or emotions.