Graphy | Zumba Workout - Let's Move! by Anupama Vishwakarma
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I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor apart from doing Zumba I am also working as a stage artist andspecialized in Blacklight entertainments.
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Zumba Workout - Let's Move!
In my journey with Graphy, I am going to teach you all Zumba which is a dance fitness program. It is workout in the form of dance. This Zumba workout graphy is for everyone right from a dancer to a non dancer. The graphy is designed for everyone be it a beginner , intermediate or high level. There is going to be lots of fun in every session, where you will enjoy the moves and the rhythm of the beats.Zumba is a one on one workout routine whether it's a live or a virtual class you have to follow your Instructor. Before every session, I'll give you an instruction of how to follow your Instructor. The idea behind the Zumba session is to move yourself to the fullest. Zumba pattern includes warmup before starting in full force and the session ends with the cooldown. The workout is designed on an intermittent music format. In zumba you will get an opportunity to learn different dance fitness styles on different tunes which comes form across the globe. A consistent Zumba workout will lead you to enhance your stamina and boost your energy. In every Zumba session you will burn around 500 - 700 calories depending on your intensity of workout. So let's move it and make the difference in your life.
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