Graphy | Your Bakery Journal by Ankit Mishra
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Hello! My name is Ankit. I'm a 20 year old self-taught baker, food blogger and a hotelier by profession.I've been baking since last 8 years and I would love to share with you all my kitchen adventures, basic tips, tricks, and kitchen hacks. Right from baking a simple vanilla sponge to scrumptious gourmet cakes, so here I am with YOUR BAKERY JOURNAL By Ankit Come join me in this amazing journey and let's decode baking together. Happy Baking!
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Your Bakery Journal
In this Graphy, I'll cover everything you need to be an amazing home baker and bake some magic in your kitchen. Right from baking simple vanilla sponge to some exquisite gourmet cakes, from knowing your bakery equipment's to your oven and not only baking we will also be covering basic food styling and photography tips and tricks to make your food look aesthetic and instagrammable. So what are you waiting for, be a part of this beautiful journey and create some magic. Happy Baking!
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