Graphy | Wine Fundamentals by Prithvi Nagpal
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One of the world's youngest wine sommeliers. Lets learn and taste the good stuff together !
Wine Fundamentals
The World of Wines is a fascinating one but sometimes it can be a little complex. However, there's no need to worry as we're going to dive into the basics of all things wine-related in a fun, engaging and relatable way.Such topics will include - The Journey of Grape to Glass The Art of Appreciating wine Choosing a Wine From a Menu Food and Wine Pairing Essential wines that you Must Have at Home The Right Kind of Glassware And So Much More..... I will share with you some simple tips (that you can conduct at home) to improve your nose and broaden your palette. I assure you that by the end of this graphy, you will be able to identify your favourite flavours, find your own preference and expand your drinking repertoire. A drop of wine education will fuel your passion for wine and increase your enjoyment of this versatile and amazing drink.
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