Graphy | War Transformed by Commissar Binkov
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Commissar Binkov is the boss over at Binkov's Battlegrounds YouTube channel. He and his henchmen have over a decade of passionate experience following all things military.Military history and weapons technology are a special areas of interest to them. Over the years they've amassed a sizable following, with over 400 000 subscribers to their YT channel, always waiting to see what new topic will Commissar and his friends cover.
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War Transformed
This Graphy will cover the history of technological breakthroughs that had a profound impact on warfare. It shall answer the question of how technology changed warfare through the ages. This is not only about better guns or bigger bombs. It's about innovation transforming the way people waged wars. Chapter one will cover prehistoric times, during which many things we take for granted today were invented. Chapter two will cover the developments in the ancient times when early empires,kingdoms, and city-states waged some of the oldest wars we know of. Chapter three will cover the medieval time, and the way technology continued to develop even throughout the so-called Dark Ages. Chapter four covers the early modern era. This is the time of great nautical journeys and the introduction of gunpowder. Chapter five covers the way the first two industrial revolutions changed the world. Chapter six discusses the interwar period as well as World War Two. Warfare was utterly revolutionized during that period, with countless advancements in nearly every area. Chapter seven talks about the period of the Cold War. The time of global superpowers battling for political world domination. Created for the nuclear war; computers, the internet, and communications satellites became incredibly useful in peacetime. Finally, in chapter eight, we’ll look at the advances in military technology throughout the last few decades and try to look decades into the future.
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