Graphy | Visual (Thinking) Doing For Those Who Say They Cannot Draw by Tridib Ghosh
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Design Thinking Practitioner | Visual thinker | YouTuber l Artist | Author | Digital Marketer |Technology Enthusiast | Photography Evangelist | Food blogger | Traveller at Heart
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Visual (Thinking) Doing For Those Who Say They Cannot Draw
While conducting workshops at various colleges, education institutes, or organizations, I have come to hear from various students and professionals that “I Can’t Draw.” I have also noticed that various wonderful ideas didn't materialize or didn’t get funding purely because the investors or the board members couldn’t visualize the idea in totality. It’s sad, isn’t it? But the Good NEWS is that “We all can draw” in our subconscious mind.It is not about the quality of the drawing that we are talking over here. It is connecting with each other through your drawings. Putting our message across the table. Ever wondered how “Cavemen” used to communicate without being able to speak? That’s the power of an image. After all, “Imagination” has the word image in it. How many of you would Dare to Draw with me? In this Graphy, I will cover the following topics in 6+ 1 (Bonus) chapters: Chapter 1) Learn to create objects using letters from the English Alphabets Chapter 2) We will learn the 7 building block shapes. Chapter 3) I show you how to draw easy faces with minimum strokes. Chapter 4) We will learn to create some objects using the building block shapes. Chapter 5) We will learn to draw various icons and metaphors using simple shapes. Chapter 6) We will draw some characters. Chapter 7) Bonus Chapter: We will extend our learning to create some inspirational posters.
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