Graphy | Visual Info Storytelling by Sheikh Ansaruddin
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Hello, I'm Sheikh Ansaruddin. I am a Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Animator from India.With more than 4 years of experience on both freelance and organizational levels, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the most important design and video branding strategies used today. I am extremely passionate about visual storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push themselves and grow as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be. I hope that you will be do
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Visual Info Storytelling
We have been telling stories for just under two hundred thousand years now through our various cultures and peoples. It may have started as a story told with the fire of a successful hunt, but it has now transformed into multilayered audio-visual storytelling, all of which is an integral part of our day-to-day lives.Social media platforms have become our modern day "fire" that we gather around in the search for the most creative and emotive digital storytelling experiences possible. The development of social media has not only "connected people" and cultures from all over the world; it started the era of "bite" content, which re-defined not only the way we consume visual content today but also the way companies can communicate their values and promote their products. In this Graphy, you will learn how video narratives work in this new digital media, using images and videos to support your script when telling stories. You will see the complete process of creating a video and sharing it on social networks.
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