Graphy | Vibe with Visual Art by Ajinkya Bhonde
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Filmmaker, Photographer, Visual Artist.
Vibe with Visual Art
Ajinkya, popularly known as xtermist is a freelance Filmmaker from India with an experience of 7 years working as a DOP and Creative Director. He has been featured by Adobe for his work. He is known in the community for the rich aesthetics his work has along with his creative style of producing content. This graphy by Ajinkya will teach you tricks and tips about Photography and Filmmaking in creative way.The chapters in this Graphy will help you fasten your artistic workflow and build a creative vision. The chapters in this Graphy are produced in such a way that not only it will answer most of your queries related to photography and filmmaking but the beautiful animations will also make it an amazing experience to learn visual art. Ajinkya has crafted this Graphy in a way that anyone from a beginner to a professional can learn from it. This Graphy will teach you things to build a career as a Professional Content Creator. Purchasing this Graphy will give you access to all the upcoming chapters with bonus content you won't find anywhere else.
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