Graphy | Uke and I: The Ukulele Starter Guide by Arya Dhayal
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Arya Dhayal is a musician who has gained popularity through her YouTube channel. She is also known for mixing Carnatic ragas with popular western songs.She rose to fame when Amitabh Bachchan shared her video and appreciated her talent. Her rendition of the song "Believer" went viral on all social media platforms and has got 2.7M views on Youtube.
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Uke and I: The Ukulele Starter Guide

Going Live on07 Jun at 1:30 pm

Arya will teach the viewers the basics of Ukulele and how to recreate a song into their own style. The viewers will learn how to master their right-hand and left-hand positions on the Ukulele, the strumming patterns, and exercises. She will take a special chapter where she will teach how she incorporates the Carnatic style of music on the Ukulele and how one can develop their own unique musical identity. At the end of the Graphy,the viewers will be able to learn the fundamentals of getting started with Ukulele and how to improve their style of playing. They will also learn how to be creative in their composition, and how to grow on social media as a musician.
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