Graphy | Tricky German Made Easy: Take Your German Grammar To The Next Level by Kristina Day
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German teacher with 20 years experience who gets students to speak straight away and can make complexgrammar points easy to understand.
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Tricky German Made Easy: Take Your German Grammar To The Next Level
Have you been studying German for a while but you feel confused about German grammar? You're never quite sure that what you're saying is correct and this makes you lack confidence when speaking German? If you want to talk with more accuracy then this graphy is for you. Hallo, guten Tag, ich heiße Kristina und ich bin deine Deutschlehrerin. I’m a German native speaker and have been teaching German for over 20 years.Seeing my students struggle with the way grammar is ordinarily explained I have developed several easy hacks that you will not find anywhere else. My students always tell me that these techniques make German surprisingly easy and fun, so in this graphy I’ll take you through all of them step by step. Plus, you'll get to practice with me straight away. Applying the grammar, we will make lots phrases using real life examples from everyday situations - the way German is spoken in Germany today. This graphy starts at an upper beginners level where you’ll master everything from in, ins, or im? Zu or nach? The 3 words for “when": wenn, wann, als. And then gradually take you to an advanced level, with a secret hack for adjective endings. How to use modal particles, like the word "doch”. The passive voice. Why you hear and read the word “werden” everywhere and how you can use it too to sound more German. Click through and improve your accuracy and confidence straight away.
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