Graphy | Thriving with HIV by Raif Derrazi
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Raif Derrazi is a public speaker, HIV/AIDS activist and educator from Utrecht, Netherlands. In between his busy schedule of acting,modeling, and being a fitness trainer, Raif speaks to audiences at colleges and universities, schools, conferences, organizations, and meetings with teachers, counselors, volunteers, other activists, and parents.
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Thriving with HIV
Whether you're recently diagnosed with HIV, have been living with HIV for some time, or have a loved one living with HIV, this Graphy will empower you with: 1. How to deal/cope with an HIV diagnosis 2. Understanding what it means to be living with HIV today 3. Learning about the advancements that have been made in research and medicine 4. Building a network of community and support 5. Incorporating fitness and diet 6. Continuing to focus on living your best life
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