Graphy | Think Yourself Confident! by Stephan Erdman
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YouTuber, Confidence & Dating Coach, Speaker, Writer, Consultant
Think Yourself Confident!
This Graphy helps you develop more self-confidence and self-esteem through the power of your mind, for work, social life, dating or just to feel better. All methods are easy to practice and work from the inside out, starting in the mind. Chapter 1: Introduction To Confidence Conditioning,Your teacher & Overview of the Goals Of this Program Chapter 2-8: Methods to Use Your Mind to develop more confidence and self esteem from the inside out in your daily life Chapters are broken into 4 pages: 1. The Method (Overview of the Method) 2. The Aha Moment (My Personal Story with it) 3. Why It Works (The Science or The Logic behind it) 4. How To Best Use It In Your Daily Life To Get Best Results!
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