Graphy | The Ultimate Muscle Bootcamp by Sondre Berg
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My name is Sondre and I am a movement, Calisthenics (bodyweight training)and handbalancing specialist,artist and coach. I have been training and performing for nearly a decade and coaching both beginner and advanced athletes for half a decade. The past few months I have also been focusing on online coaching and content creation. I aspire to create a community of likeminded spirits craving absolute body control, awareness, strength and balance.
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The Ultimate Muscle Bootcamp
This Graphy is a total-body fitness experience where Sondre introduces a beginner level bodyweight training program and nutrition essentials. The focus of each chapter is to help individuals develop muscle strength using their own body weight. Each chapter shall be almost 1 hour long and shall be covering the basic levels of full-body callisthenics. Sondre will also cover motivation and nutrition to help individuals achieve the most from this Graphy.

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