Graphy | The Ultimate Guide To Taking Stunning Photographs by Siddhant Soni
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Siddhant is an engineer turned photographer who found an early resonance with photography from the beginning of his engineering days.Photography, and storytelling are his main focuses. ​ His personal and professional work emphasises on the life in between moments. He portrays his emotions and feelings through his photographs. His work has been published on various platforms: NatGeoTravellerIndia, CNN Create, HistoryTV18, TravelXp, Canon Asia, among others.
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The Ultimate Guide To Taking Stunning Photographs
Ever thought of telling stories through photographs? You're at the right place! In this graphy, Siddhant will help you tell stories through photographs. You will learn different modes and features in a camera such as the exposure triangle, metering, focus points, etc. in this Graphy. No camera? No issues,he’ll also be sharing tips and tricks for mobile photographers as well. Siddhant will take you through various composition techniques and rules that you can easily apply in your photographs on sight to get beautiful and impactful results. Start learning how to avoid mistakes while photographing and learn from them with Siddhant. Editing a photograph could be a challenge and with this graphy, you'll be able to magnify the impact of your photographs in Adobe Lightroom. Siddhant will also be sharing some tips and tricks from his four-years of experience as a travel photographer. Let's start shooting!!
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