Graphy | The Secret Society Called Parenting - From Toddlers to Teens by Dr. Rahat Sayyad
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I am a Physician, Author, host of Doctormommyspeaks Parenting Podcast and a mom of two toddlers.Parenting is half part instinct + half part "i don't know what the hell i am doing". Let's make this arduous journey called "Parenting" easier, using expert interviews, research-backed parenting hacks and my personal experience as a doctor mom.
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The Secret Society Called Parenting - From Toddlers to Teens
Parenting is all about learning and unlearning, so as to be able to raise these little humans correctly. In this Graphy, you will find advice based on experience combined with research-backed strategies, that will prove to be the ultimate piece of help you ever needed. Troubled with toddler tantrums or sibling fights?Pre-schooler refusing to attend school due to ADHD or your "tween" having social anxiety? From something as common as weaning problems to as grave as mental health disorders in teenagers, Dr. Rahat will cover all these parenting problems and tons more. She will help you identify these problems and provide you with practical solutions with examples, making it easier to implement. This Graphy is a helping hand from one parent to another, one chapter at a time.
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