Graphy | The Power Of Mental Maths by Dilip Thakur
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I have been teaching Mathematics in a more innovative way for the last 15 years. During this period,I have taught students of all age groups ranging from secondary class students to postgraduate students. More than teaching complex Mathematics, I have expertise on removing fear from the minds of learners and make them ready to absorb the mathematical knowledge.
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The Power Of Mental Maths
In this Graphy, Dilip Thakur, a YouTuber and long time educator shall help you learn about the queen of all sciences - Mathematics. Sadly, though a beautiful science, there are many people who fear the subject, especially students. They believe it is too difficult for them; believing the sterotype that only smart people can gain an expertise in the field.The objective of this Graphy is to expose the students to the true picture of Mathematics in a manner that is interesting and fun-filled. The Chapters begin with breaking various myths about Mathematics and showing the true picture of it to the students desirous of overcoming fear and getting closer to learning this wonderful subject. Subsequently, the students will be introduced to various mental techniques that can come in handy while performing mathematical problems pertaining to addition, subtraction, multiplication, finding squares and square roots in Mathematics. These techniques will not only keep your mind focused on the problem being solved, but will also increase their speed and accuracy in solving difficult Maths problems. As the journey progresses, other concepts such as various identities of Mathematics will be introduced for higher-order thinking skills.
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