Graphy | The Kickstarter Kit to Content Creation by Preethi
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I'm an MBA grad and ex-banker turned full-time travel content creator. I have a blog,and YouTube channel called Peppy Travel Girl and a podcast called Travels, Tales and Takes with Preethi. I'm passionate about all things travel, mental health, and body neutrality.
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The Kickstarter Kit to Content Creation
This Graphy is a handy guide for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of content creation. We're talking about creating written content, shooting images and videos, editing content across platforms, growing on these platforms, and understanding how to build one's brand. This Graphy will also draw from examples specifically in the travel space, so there will be some extra nuggets for those interested in travel content creation. The first part of the Graphy will focus on finding,creating and building your own brand. We will answer some big questions here that will help you find your feet in the world of content creation - who are you? What is your niche? What are your goals? The next part focuses on the meat - creation itself. This segment of the Graphy will talk about writing, shooting and editing for different kinds of content platforms. Since this Graphy leans towards travel content creation, expect answers to the oft-asked questions - "How to shoot on the go? How do I click pictures with no crowds in it?" - and so on. The final part of the Graphy will offer an understanding of growing one's brand across channels, including creating content plans, marketing oneself, and working with brands in the industry. The goal of this Graphy is to offer a handy guide for anyone - novice or experienced - from any walk of life to jump into the world of content creation at any given time, and land on their feet.
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