Graphy | The Fitness Triangle | Guide to Sustainable Fitness by Divyansh Raj
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Hi! My name is Divyansh Raj and I am a Fitness Content Creator. Currently, I am running a channel on YouTube where I create videos on Running,Cycling, Home workouts and Food Habits.
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The Fitness Triangle | Guide to Sustainable Fitness
Most of us are concerned about short term weight loss and muscle gain, without realising the fact that fitness is a long term game and should essentially be a part of our lifestyle. It should be sustainable. But, what is the secret to a sustainable healthy life? It is the Fitness Triangle of Running, Strength Training and Food Habits! In this graphy, Divyansh will start with the basics and then move on to explaining the aspect of Running, followed by strength training.Once you get a hang of the 2 main concepts, he'll shed light on the ever-important food habits and at the end, he'll provide you with a fitness template. Once you are done with the graphy, you can take the fitness template and implement those learnings in the template to start leading a fitness-oriented lifestyle that is sustainable. The chapters have been curated keeping in mind the fact that you would be an absolute beginner in this domain. So, get set for a journey full of information and insights! Let's get started!
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