Graphy | The Fitness Influencer Code by Jeet Selal
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Jeet Selal is one of the most influential fitness professionals across the globe. He graduated in Sports Science with a double degree in Sports Management from the United Kingdom.A fitness entrepreneur with an idea of natural practices in sports, health, and fitness. He is also running the mission of “Drug-Free India” & creating awareness regarding health & fitness amongst the communities to work against the drug use/abuse in sports. For this, he also does events & seminars across India. Jeet has immense popularity not just because of his incredible physique, but for his character, experience, exceptional knowledge, and quality content in representing the sports & fitness industry.
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The Fitness Influencer Code

Going Live on31 Jan at 1:30 pm

In this Graphy, Jeet will talk about how he built a personal brand, a fitness community and an online empire from scratch. This Graphy will make the viewers aware of fitness influencer as a career option. It will give the viewers a holistic idea about becoming an influencer and staying relevant over time by providing the consumers with the right content at the right time on the right platform with the right packaging.

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