Graphy | The Colour Runner by Kumari Pallavi
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Hello Guys. I'm Pallavi. I'm an artist from India. I have learnt fine arts and hold a fine arts diploma degree.I'm also into textile and fashion designing.. This graphy is all about art and painting. Over the years I have learnt various form art. In this Graphy I will teach you some different forms of art work in different mediums and this is how this graphy is going to benifit you. Don't worry, I'm here to help you through each step. So come join me in my graphy journey.
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The Colour Runner
Pallavi is an artist and a textile & fashion designer from Chennai, India. This graphy is all about art and painting. Pallavi has been into fine arts for several years now and over these year has learnt a lot of forms. She also does commissioned art work. In this graphy you will learn different types of art works like Madhubani, Warli, Indian art, Landscaping and many more, using different mediums of colours. You will also be guided with some theoretical knowledge of these art works.You'll find an abundance of knowledge of fine arts from this Graphy and will really enjoy the journey in through it!
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