Graphy | The Best Engineering Life Guide (Hindi) by Umang Chauhan
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Hello Everyone! My name is Umang Chauhan, an engineer who loves to explore, do weird stuff,and try out new things. Get Saged is a place to get into the not so boring life of an over-optimistic Indian trying to explore and get adventurous making other people saged. I make videos about VLogs, Travel, Coding, Placements, New Products, and much more that you can't even imagine. For queries and suggestions contact at Email:
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The Best Engineering Life Guide (Hindi)
This Graphy provides you with How to have the best engineering life, be it having the utmost fun, learning, getting those high paid packages, starting a startup, or even getting the best connections to have fun in engineering. How I can help you out, I have been coaching mentoring thousands of engineering peeps. I have lived my engineering life to the fullest, the best one can get in India. The best domestic offers, the best learning, built a startup. You can do all this yourself, too,regardless of what you are today. I was also a shy introvert until 12th class but had one thought in mind that I have to succeed. We will talk about the best road map for placements, coding job, non tech jobs, skill learning, startup making while in college and even how to get a girlfriend if that intrests you in the best engineering life living. I am a YouTuber, entrepreneur, employee, friend, you can call me anyone who helps you out in real-life scenarios. My name is Umang Chauhan and welcome to my Graphy, join this journey with me and let's start winning. And ek cheez life main yaad rakhna chahe kuch hojaye Darna Nahi hai, bas khelna hai!
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