Graphy | The Basics Of Sound Design by nusonix
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nusonix - DJ and drum & bass producer from Cologne. He loves deep rolling basses and atmospheric surfaces,a touch of industrial, plus dynamic drums. With the tracks from his pen, nusonix gives the genre that he knows and loves its own touch. In order to pass on his knowledge as a producer, he has been running the nusonix channel for producing. His tutorials on producing and sound design inspire you to try it out.
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The Basics Of Sound Design
In this Graphy, Nusonix will guide you on the basics of sound design. He will cover a majority of known sounds and how to archive them, giving you the ability to take the first steps into music production. All you need is a common synth-like "xFer Serum", Ableton's "Operator" or synth of your choice that you are comfortable with. The chapters are carefully curated with tutorials and easy to follow steps to make sure you don’t just learn the skills but become more confident as a music producer.The principles you'll learn in this Graphy apply to all major synths used. This Graphy is for beginners and intermediate individuals. Hop into this Graphy and experience the beauty of sound design with Nusonix.
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