Graphy | The Art of Storytelling by Improvement Pill
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Taken like a multivitamin, but for all aspects of your life, Improvement Pill is one of the largest self improvement channels on YouTube. Health,wealth, love, or happiness? We're here to help you in all of these aspects!
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The Art of Storytelling
In a world of information overload, noise and hype, stories can cut through the clutter, get the message across, and influence people. Stories can get you jobs, customers, partners, and investors, as everyone enjoys a good compelling story, especially when it catches their attention and draws them in. Stories have the power to increase your conversions from potential customers, to carve out a place for you in the social media channels,and to enhance visual communication – if you master the art. In this Graphy, you learn all this and more - get the charisma boost needed in order to snatch the attention of your peers.
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