Graphy | The Anatomy of a Yoga Sequence by Christina
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Hi, I create content to help people along their life journey, in the form of yoga. After working as an Esthetician,Makeup Artist and Manicurist in the past; I transcended from the superficial to the depths of human existence.
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The Anatomy of a Yoga Sequence
We all hold a unique story, and so does our body. So naturally, self-practice looks different for everyone, based on what they are going through at the time. This Graphy is designed to give all the tools necessary to create a yoga sequence at home. We will start with "a safe container" in regards to the practice area, body alignment, and muscle engagement. Basic knowledge of human anatomy can go a long way when practicing at home because it can minimize injury. Dynamics of breath are explored,as well as the heat-producing and cooling elements of the sequence. Energy balance and proprioception are explored towards the end of the Graphy. The final chapter is dedicated to self-care before and after the yoga sequence
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