Graphy | The ABCs of Gardening by Namita Rasam
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Hi, I am Namita Rasam and I am a home gardener and plant lover, I grow some rare and exotic plants andalso nurture them.
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The ABCs of Gardening
In this Graphy, Namita Rasam, the gardener, will show and talk about some easy to grow plants to some rare and exotic plants. Who is this Graphy for its for people who love organic farming the one who loves mother nature and the one who is passionate about plants. In each chapter, Namita will be providing the list of materials required, some would be gardening soil, seeds, empty containers, and some water,we will be learning some basic easy to grow plants to some unique low maintenance plants and some exclusively rare plants and I will also share some easy tips and tricks and more DIYs. By the end of this Graphy, you will be a complete pro in gardening. Are you ready to become a gardener?
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