Graphy | Tania's Mini Miracles of Chess by Tania Sachdev
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Tania Sachdev is an Indian chess player, who holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster.She is also one of the top chess commentators globally. She is also a former Commonwealth Women Champion.
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Tania's Mini Miracles of Chess
This Graphy will explore the concept of mini chess games. Mini chess games are those that end in 25 moves or less. The byte-sized length of the games will help chess beginners get an end-to-end overview of the tactics of an entire chess game in an engaging manner. Tania Sachdev, in this Graphy, will select some of the most sensational mini-games of 2020. Because of her persona as an active chess commentator,she will be able to take very topical chess games and break them down for learning in a structured manner.
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