Graphy | Talk To The Hand by Satyajit Ramdas Padhye
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A tryst with Sayajit Ramdas Padhye is all you need to learn how to throw voices alongside playing with puppets; a fun pill to enjoy,but with immense hard work. A ton of talent, dollops of hard-work, patience and perseverance along with a passion for entertainment are what make for an excellent Ventriloquist or Puppeteer. For Satyajit, this art form has taken shape since his childhood days, and even though he went through the conventional route of education, as a qualified Chartered Accountant, his true passion lied in the creativity of ventriloquism and puppetry. A combination of his razor sharp sense of humor and his talented skillset, he is a third generation of a wonderful lineage of ventriloquists and puppeteers, that work towards inspiring the younger lot to be creative and innovative. With an illustrious father who is India’s leading Ventriloquist Ramdas Padhye, Satyajit has had the benefit of being trained from early on in all the finer nuances of this art form ever since he evinced interest. He was the finalist at India’s Got Talent and has performed with superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. He has represented INDIA at various Ventriloquism & Puppetry Festivals in countries like China, Russia, U.S.A. Head over to "Talk To The Hand" for some fun quips, tips and tricks on how to be an excellent ventriloquist!
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Talk To The Hand
The Art of Ventriloquism is fun, exciting and entertaining. In this Graphy, Satyajit Padhye, a leading ventriloquist and puppeteer will guide you step-by-step on how to be a ventriloquist. As a childhood passion, he had the opportunity to learn from his father, also a leading ventriloquist. He then continued to build his career by working with celebrities and superstars of India. So get ready to tame your voices, lips and mind to be excellent at Ventriloquism!

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