Graphy | Stylized Character Drawing by Athena Dela Victoria
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I am a freelance digital artist currently in my third year of college, where I study languages as my major.I have been drawing for more than seven years, and I believe that the knowledge I have gained throughout that period will be of great help to many others who would also want to venture into the world of character drawing. I specialize in human faces and dynamic expressions, and drawing characters that seem to jump out of the page with life.
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Stylized Character Drawing
This Graphy is for anyone who is interested in learning how to draw character art or those who just simply enjoy art in general. Even if you aren't an artist yourself, this Graphy will surely be enjoyed by anyone who finds inspiration in sketching and creating art. I will walk you through the basics of sketching and drawing from reference to constructing facial expressions and basic human anatomy. The goal is by the end of this Graphy,you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to sketch your own interesting characters.
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