Graphy | Study the Art of Cooking: Mediterranean by Almond Tree Kitchen
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Helen has over 20 years’ experience as a European chef and is author of five cookery books.She draws her inspiration from nature and loves to grow her own produce in the garden, creating simple and imaginative dishes from everyday ingredients.
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Study the Art of Cooking: Mediterranean
In this Graphy Helen will be introducing you to the amazing cuisines that define the Mediterranean region. With easy to follow recipes using every day ingredients she effortlessly guides you through a wide variety of its colourful and flavourful dishes.Her Graphy aims to inspire creativity in the kitchen for the beginner and experienced cook alike and her low key presentation is designed to help you to tune out to the outer world for a while and to really enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cooking. Most of the recipes have their emphasis of economy, nutrition and health, many are vegetarian or vegan and those that are not have easy work arounds that retain that essential Mediterranean feel.
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