Graphy | Storytelling for Sales & Effective communication by Divya vashishth
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Everything starts with a story... Well , I am a passionate Solopreneur who launched Fankar Personality Institute (FPI)4 years ago to help you with Personal Branding & Financial success even in the times of crises through our creative approach of Storytelling I have also worked with 3 great organisation's in the past where I have learnt how to use stories to deal with people and get things done I believe investing in "Learning" is the biggest investment of the world~~~
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Storytelling for Sales & Effective communication
Grow your Influence, reach, leads and sales. "Tell me a fact & I'll learn.  Tell me a truth & I'll believe. But tell me a story & it will live in my heart forever" I am sure you still remember most of those bedtime STORIES told to you by your grandparents. Also,I am sure we all have great ideas but most of us fail because we don't know the right way of presenting our stories Science has proved storytelling to be the most powerful tool in the world that has the ability to connect emotionally & stick to the brain for a long time followed by influencing people to take the desired action In this Graphy, you will learn : -Your perfect Brand Story -How to Sell anything with Stories -How to give impactful Presentations & Speeches -How to change someone's behaviour towards you or for the betterment of the organization -How to use LinkedIn storytelling for increasing followers & lead generation -How to manage Crises with stories -How to use your Body language & Attire to present your story -How to go within with Spirituality & discover your true story -Using Story Bank to remember the right story at the right time -Using Story Listening for understanding customers, knowledge transfers, mentoring, countering Anti-stories etc JOIN NOW! As I will bring out the true storyteller in you & will make you an unstoppable leader in every aspect of your professional & personal journey See you in the GRAPHY
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