Graphy | Song and Music Production by Kunal Agarwal
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Founder and proprietor of Sonik Culture Productions, Kunal Agarwal, has done a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and M.Sc in Music technology.He started his career as a music technology sales advisor in London between 2005-2006. After returning to India towards the end of 2006, he kick-started his career with FM Radio as a sound engineer with 92.7 Big FM and was one of the team members responsible for setting up their Jalandhar station. Later his creative talent saw him fulfil the role of Programming Head with Radio Mantra 91.9 FM from 2008-2011. All these years his passion for music and sound had lived alongside with him through his production house, Sonik Culture Productions which came into being in 2005 and slowly moved along parallel to his work as a radio professional. Finally in early 2012, Kunal devoted himself completely to his passion. Sonik Culture has had matured from being an audio production studio into a full fledged audio-video production house, with Kunal at the helm of the creative process.
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Song and Music Production
Are you a singer, songwriter, a musician or someone with a day job but passionate about music? Are you looking to create your own songs, your own music? Here's a graphy to help you take your music passion to the next level.
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