Graphy | Satin and Gold; Your Road To Poetry by Tejaswini Divya Naik
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Hi! I'm Tejaswini Divya Naik; author of a National bestseller - Smokes & Whiskey, currently working on my 2nd book.I'm also a Mental Health Advocate, an Activist (I've won 4 major campaigns). Born to Army parents in Delhi, I've been lucky enough to be brought up all around the country. Always being on the move has made me understand the concept of "change" & how it's the only constant, & our one true friend; because no matter what, change is the only thing we can be truly sure about.
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Satin and Gold; Your Road To Poetry
Have you ever felt your emotions come alive with every word that you write? Ever imagined yourself walking down memory lane, wishing you'd never have to leave, hoping you could stay there, Or even wanting to let go but unable to do so Thoughts overtaking, emotions building, but there isn't any outlet? Well, what if we told you that now there is. There is an outlet, and it is one of the most beautiful ones to have ever existed.You can not only commemorate all the memories that you so badly wanted to hold on for dear life, but you can also let out all of those emotions you have been keeping locked up inside since forever. Get them out, write them down, and be done with them. You do you, love. Join Tejaswini in this Graphy where she will take you through everything she know and love about Poetry - all the information she has gained over time, all the nuances she has learned, (and still learning, because the learning process is a never-ending one), all her favorites - the poems and the poets, that she wouldn't want you to miss, the trade secrets she has gained over the years, and so much more. Are you ready? Because this magical journey is just about to begin.
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