Graphy | Roadmap to Success: Design Your Dream Life by Anouk Rose
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My name is Anouk, and I am a personal development coach and online educator living in beautiful New Zealand.I help my clients reconnect with their true purpose, find a sense of clarity, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life with a set of tools focused on growth.
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Roadmap to Success: Design Your Dream Life
This Graphy, named The Roadmap to Success, consists of several chapters that will take you on a journey of discovering yourself,designing your life and creating an action plan that will help you make your dreams and goals come true. 1.DISCOVER encourages a self-discovery journey to help you: - commit to living intentionally - reconnect with your values - craft a life vision. 2.DEVELOP is about channeling your creativity into your daily life - make space for what really matters to you - build a consistent & inspiring journaling practice - reconnect with your creativity. 3.DESIGN discusses the importance of creating a clear and very detailed vision of your future. By the end of this chapter you will: - craft a life vision - create a personal growth plan - develop an actionable day-to-day plan to focus your energy & achieve your goals - build habits to support you on the way to success 3.DO addresses the question of time management and creating balance. You will: - develop better focus & gain more clarity - use your time more intentionally - become more effective 5.DEEP DIVE helps you create a self-care plan to maintain your well-being and - build routines and structures to support you - increase the levels self-awareness - learn to practice mindfulness & gratitude. Hope you enjoy this Graphy, and I can’t wait to see you design and live your best life!
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