Graphy | Rapid Wireframing Bootcamp | Build a Product Demo in Just 2 Hours by Mahuya Ghosh
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Mahuya enjoys helping organizations with idea validation, creating value-driven product and go-to-market strategies.She has been in the Product Management function for the last 13+ years and currently working as Principal Product Manager at Dell. Mahuya is passionate about Design & innovation; has filed 5 technology patents. She has co-authored a book on Product, Strategy & Innovation: “Mystery to Mastery - Ideation to Productization Playbook”. Last but not the least, she is an active speaker.
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Rapid Wireframing Bootcamp | Build a Product Demo in Just 2 Hours
Whether you're a Solo Entrepreneur, Product Manager, Marketer, or a Designer, you need to quickly and effectively turn your concepts into tangible working wireframes and prototypes and present them to your customers or prospects for early feedback. At the end of this Graphy,you will: • Have a comprehensive knowledge of UI/UX Wireframing. • Understand the importance of wireframes • Know the best practices on how to create top-notch Wireframes • Have a deep dive into a real-life case study • You will be able to use the Balsamiq tool in a professional capacity to create top-notch wireframes This Graphy is focused on giving you the necessary know-how to build rapid wireframes & prototypes in just a few hours. The best part is - no programming, no coding, or no technical jargon or books to read. Just grab your coffee, mobile & off we go!
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