Graphy | Public Speaking - From Beginner To Pro by Philipp Scholz
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Philipp Scholz is a tech entrepreneur, magician & keynote speaker. He is a vice European champion and multiple times German champion of public speaking,a TEDx speaker and a political scientist. He creatively combines his passion for magic, public speaking and social science as co-founder & CEO of tba to foster dialogue across generations to help solve the world’s most pressing problems together
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Public Speaking - From Beginner To Pro
In this Graphy you will learn how to give outstanding presentations. To accelerate your career or to share your message with the world more effectively. Public speaking is not that difficult once you know how it works. You will learn how to: - prepare and create a presentation, - how to overcome stage fright, - how to use your body and your voice, - how to craft an effective message for your presentation and so much more.Once you have completed this course you will be well on your way to be a master presenter. And we will have lots of fun along the way! Philipp Scholz has been named Vice European Champion of Public Speaking, multiple times German Champion of Public speaking and a TEDx Speaker. He combines his decades long experience performing magic with his knowledge of public speaking to give workshops to clients all over Europe. Dozens of workshops and hundreds of satisfied clients later Philipp has distilled his best tips into this Graphy.
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