Graphy | Photo Magic - Editing Tips & Tricks by Juuso Hämäläinen
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Photographer/Visual Artist sharing the magic of nature. Juuso is a Finland-based self-taught photographer,a visual artist and a composer. Through his art he wants to share the magical quality of life that is experienced when one stays present and perceives the world as it truly is and not through the concepts of the mind as most of us have unknowingly learnt to live.
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Photo Magic - Editing Tips & Tricks
In this Graphy, Juuso shall be imparting his 11 years of experience and tried and tested methods to teach how to make the best visual art possible. He shall be guiding you through a wide range of editing tips and tricks. He shall smoothen out and make the editing process a fun one by going through different software like Photoshop, Mobile Apps, iPads, etc that will help you find the best editing style best suited to your needs.The chapters are carefully curated with a wide range of techniques that will not only make sure you will pick up on a skill or two but also edit with exuberance and help you accomplish your own ideas and bring them to reality.
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