Graphy | Perfecting Video - A Complete Guide by Apurv Khatwani
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Apurv Khatwani is an creative-independent artist who has worked as VFx artist in various Hollywood movies,Animated Tv Series and Netflix Series.
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Perfecting Video - A Complete Guide
There’s a lot more that goes into getting a cinematic image than simply buying the right camera. From pre-production to post, every aspect of the filmmaking process works together to create a beautiful end film. Let’s take a look at a few ways to create beautiful cinematic footage. In this Graphy, Apurv Khatwani will be covering a complete package from - Planning, Shooting, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Color, Look and Cinematic Feel, to Bonus - Typography,Elements and Thumbnail Creation. If you always wanted to make some good quality videos from whatever you have then this Graphy is for you.
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