Graphy | On Edge Paper Quilling by Jasmeet Kohli
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Jasmeet Kohli is an award winning artist who specialises in the art of Paper quilling.She has been quilling for past 12 years and won several awards in the 2016 North American Quilling Guild annual competition. Quilling is her passion and gives her immense joy and satisfaction. She was born and brought up in Delhi, India and is currently residing in Dubai. To see more of her quilling art please visit her instagram page @quillingbyjasmeetkohli.
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On Edge Paper Quilling
In this graphy you will learn the On-edge style paper quilling techniques to make some beautiful artworks using colorful paper strips. Paper quilling also known as paper filigree art is a great hobby that gives immense relaxation, enjoyment, needs minimal investment and can be done at your own pace. No previous artistic experience or skills are needed. Both beginners as well as advanced level creatives will learn and benefit from this Graphy.You can use the techniques and projects shown in this Graphy to later design your own unique handcrafted artworks. Let’s get started.
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