Graphy | Music Production Made Easy by Abhyuday
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An independent Composer and Music Producer with experience in producing music across varied genres andformats.
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Music Production Made Easy
This Graphy sets you into the journey of becoming an awesome Music Producer who can produce music of varied tastes and styles. The art of gradually moving towards creating a complete track from an empty project is presented here in the easiest way ever. The Graphy begins with a simple guide to choose your music production laptop or desktop, where we do address the everlasting debate of choosing between a Mac and a PC. Then follows the 2nd most important decision,the Digital Audio Workstation Software. Once your computer is all set, we move on in understanding a little bit of Music Theory (not so boring!) The music theory discussion takes you into extending your knowledge further to Chord Progression, and furthermore to Orchestration. We would have a look into the orchestration practices for different Genres of Music. Then, with all this knowledge ready, we get into actually producing a Complete Track: Start to Finish. Near the very end, you have an added bonus too: a guide on publishing your music over the Internet with clear understanding of optimizing your music against the limitations of Streaming bandwidth offered by the Music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Prime music, Google Play Music. The primary goal of this Graphy is to set the "to be" / novice / starting music producers set on the right track with the right tools and in the right way! **This Graphy follows the modern commercial music production standards throughout the chapters.
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