Graphy | Math's Magic By Ankur Sir by Ankur Shrivastava
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I am an creative mathematician making students life easy with magical mathematical techniques. Also,I have been teaching on various famous educational platforms since past 8 Years. I own a successfully running YouTube Channel (Navankur Education).
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Math's Magic By Ankur Sir
This Graphy could be a great resource for various competitive examinations and students in middle and senior school. It could help the reader in myriad ways depending upon their needs and scope for practice. Ankur will be explaining the different techniques of calculations. After going through all the chapters, you will never be using a calculator for mathematical calculations. By watching this Graphy,the students will be able to: • Learn quicker methods by observing some simple techniques • Compare various techniques available on each topic • Know the limitations of each technique • Save some precious minutes in various competitive and school examinations by employing the quick calculation techniques • develop their tools in the field of quick calculations. Join Ankur in this Graphy and learn Math's Magic!
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