Graphy | Master Meditation in 7 Simple Steps by Dr. Ronja Vieth
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Now working as a Bliss-Life Coach, her academic background allows Dr. Ronja to create sound,yet entertaining courses in the field of self-improvement. Her expertise includes meditation, Akashic Field Therapy, and energy healing. You can find more information on her website
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Master Meditation in 7 Simple Steps
In this Graphy, Dr. Ronja has broken down the process of meditation into 7 easy-to-learn, easy-to-practice, and easy-to-master steps. Practiced in sequence and, if so desired, multiple times, these steps will help you master any kind of meditation practice that will leave your body, mind, and soul rejuvenated and relaxed. The chapters include clear instructions and hands-on practice so you can enjoy the benefits of meditation right away!Personable videos explain the science behind the benefits and give you tips on how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life; structured exercises provide easy tools for practice, while letting you relax with soothing music showing you the ease of calm and relaxation. Meditation tracks included!
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