Graphy | Making money in Stand-up comedy by Jagdish Chaturvedi
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Dr. Jagdish or also popularly referred to "Corona Wala Doctor" because of his viral videos on coronavirus is a practicing ENT Doctor by profession and a stand up comedian with over 300+ corporate performances. His Starting Troubles is streaming on Amazon prime USA & UK!
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Making money in Stand-up comedy
If you've ever felt you should try out stand up comedy, but couldn't get started, because you are worried if you would be able to make enough money to survive as a comedian or are simply curious about comedy as a business then this Graphy is for you. As a Doctor-innovator, comedian & author, Dr.Jagdish Chaturvedi mixed his entrepreneurial skills along with his experiences of comedy & story telling into this Graphy to share unfiltered facts about how to financially sustain as a comedian. Through real life anecdotes of good & bad experiences, he will be sharing things that no one under normal circumstances would share such as - How much he earns, how does he get shows, how does he propagate himself how does he write his jokes and perform them, how does he manage bad shows, hecklers & his bad experiences with fake followers, fake audiences, fake laughter tracks and paid promotions. Language - Hinglish (English & Hindi)
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