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Hey! I am Kaitlin Findlay, a classically trained cellist who loves game, anime and soundtrack music!I am an avid role player and have a dog named Nara and if you get that reference then you are probably as nerdy as me 😂 I went to music school pretty far away from my friends and family so I started making Youtube videos to stay connected and share my music. In the process I discovered that I loved recording and mixing my own music as well as getting creative and shooting fun videos to go along with it. I am working on my very first self produced album and can't wait to announce when it will be released.
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Make Money With Your Music Online
The industry landscape for musicians has completely changed and with live shows and tours being cancelled for who knows how long, more and more musicians are turning to online platforms to get their music heard and get PAID. My name is Kaitlin Findlay and I am excited to help you navigate this new terrain of the online music industry. I have a degree in Music Business, record and produce my own music from my home studio, and have made over 100 Youtube videos.I have tried every platform and way of releasing and promoting my music and have discovered many secrets and pitfalls along the way. There are so many different streams of income online that musicians can be taking advantage of, but sometimes knowing about them or how to best navigate them can be daunting. In this course I will outline all the possible ways to make money from streaming royalties, to Youtube monetization, to crowd-funding, and more. I will also help you build your brand, find your niche and get connected with the people who will become your fans. At the end of the course, you will be able to create a business plan where you pick and choose the platforms that best suit you and your brand and them use them to funnel into the ones that make you the most money so that you can spend more time doing what you really love, making music.
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