Graphy | Magic is Amazing (Italian) by Marco (MDB)
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Born in 1992 in Italy, I've always had a passion for magic. Four years ago, almost for fun,I became part of this fantastic world. Now I always try to create new effects to amaze people.
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Magic is Amazing (Italian)
In this Graphy, Marco shall help in introducing the wonderfully fun world of magic and illusionism. You will learn a variety of techniques, from the basics all the way to the crowd pleasars. The chapters follow a step by step process of growth as you start as a beginner and slowly move into harder to perform tricks. Marco shall be guiding you throughly through this process as he explains his favourite moves,ones he uses in his day to day basis and others that a larger impact on the audience viewing it. So, pull your sleeves up cause you’re about to pull a trick or two with Marco!
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