Graphy | Levitation Photography by Denis "Kooné" Kuhnert
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I grew up in the Hip Hop Scene doing Graffiti and Breakdance . Competing in the international Breakdance scene got me constantly looking for new movements .From the mid 2000s on i startet exploring the world of Contemporary Theatre working with companies like Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui , Akram Khan Company , just to name a few . Years later , after creating and perfoming in various dance theatre productions , i bought my first camera in 2013 . Coming from the dance world , from the very first photo i took , my visual interests were humans , cities and movement . So , being so lucky and having some of the best movers of the world with me all the time , i started taking pictures of them in context to their city surroundings .  Starting there , i developed my own style of photography making myself and others fly in city scapes . Not only this but i also started looking into different types of photography . Fashion , Live Action , Urban Action / Levitation .. But no matter what style i´m shooting , it always comes down to find the story in a movement . It´s not important to me to impress the audience with physicality but to express myself with creativity . .
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Levitation Photography
In this Graphy you will learn how to take levitation pictures !! We will focus on all aspects of this special style of photography and look into technical issues as well as physical and visual challenges .. chapter 1 : Introduction / Basics - Equipment and camera settings - first basic concepts of levitation Further on i will include : - how to frame your picture and find the right locations - levitation for everybody, no matter what physical level - selftime your levitation shots ,very useful if you are mostly shooting alone - what to wear and how to use your outfits to make your pictures even more impressive - storytelling
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