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I am a passionate Photographer who loves to make images, create story telling Art and capture memories.My images have been exhibited worldwide, won awards and few other have been published in magazines. I love this form of Art and am here to share with you the Beautiful world of Photography!! So come, Join In!!
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Let's Get Clicking
My Graphy is all about Photography! Though it's a vast subject, I will break it down in short chapters starting with the History of Photography and it's evolution. My next chapter would include information about the different cameras and lenses that are available, which will help the audience make an informed decision about which camera to buy and which is best suited for them. A dedicated chapter will include the different modes in the camera, exposure triangle and other options in Camera.I will then share Photography tips and tricks along with various other techniques such as, Composition, framing, how to use natural light, art of seeing. I will also cover in each chapter, the various genres of Photography, namely, Portrait, Streets, Travel, Architecture, Abstract and Long and Multiple exposure. At the end of each chapter, I will include practice questions and exercise (like a homework).
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