Graphy | Let's Experiment by Rachit Tank
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Hello, I am Rachit Tank (Designer & Founder @Tankr) a graphic designer from Pune. I love doing designexperiments and this is what this channel is about!
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Let's Experiment
In this Graphy, Rachit allows you to express your innermost curiosities with him! Taking heavy inspirations from art and design applications like After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and much more, he breaks down the silliest of things and creates new forms of art to tingle your brain. Catch him as himself with his immense humour,hilarious camera cuts and overall feel-good content while you learn more and more about Design Applications! This Graphy is meant for intermediate to advanced individuals who want a skill or two up their sleeves in terms of Design, or just about anybody else who just wants to relax and enjoy the shenanigans that are often involved in the art process, maybe get a little inspired as well! Join Rachit and feel yourself come to life as you get experimenting!
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