Graphy | Learn to Roller Skate: Beginner to Advanced! by Appelusa
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USA Roller Sports Certified Roller Skating Coach, Bronze Medal World Champion Artistic Roller Skaterin "Show Team"
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Learn to Roller Skate: Beginner to Advanced!
This Graphy will teach you the fundamentals of roller skating, from the very beginner level all the way through advanced skating skills. As a former bronze medal world champion skater and coach for over twenty years, I have the experience and training to break down each skill with expertise. With the upmost regard for safety, and a background in yoga, I will also give many alignment and body awareness cues.You will become aware of bad habits and common mistakes BEFORE they become engrained in muscle memory. And if that's not enough, not only will you learn the foundational skills of beginner level, the basics of intermediate level, AND the fun tricks of advanced level, but all at for a fraction of the price you would pay for months to years of skating classes at your local skating facility! And on your own time!
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