Graphy | Learn the Art of Intricate Pen and Ink Designs by Maria Zaidi
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I am a self taught artist. My work is a mix of black and white florals, intricate pen and ink designs and art journaling.I always had that passion and inclination towards art ever since I can remember. I work in my journals almost everyday, depending on what I’m in the mood for. I enjoy working on instinct, allowing myself to just go with the flow.
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Learn the Art of Intricate Pen and Ink Designs
Would you like to learn the art of drawing intricate pen and ink designs? In this Graphy, I will cover my experience of what I’ve learned over the years and help you achieve the same. You only need a simple pen and a piece of paper and you are ready to make art. We will start by choosing the right materials, learn the basics of lines and shapes, and dive into some basic principles of art used to create this kind of work. We will learn about repetition, pattern, variety,and composition which will eventually lead to the construction of a beautiful spread. You will learn different techniques to bring your design to life such as incorporating floral elements into your work. This Graphy is for anyone who wants to draw intricately woven beautiful pen and ink designs and wants to have the skills to confidently create their masterpieces.
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