Graphy | Learn Spoken English with Aditi Banerjee (Bengali) by Aditi Banerjee
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Ms. Aditi Banerjee is an English trainer and a YouTuber. She has 3 YouTube channels (2 in Bengali & 1 in English).She received Hello English Global Education Award for being the Best English Trainer in 2019 from Bengal. She truly believes that English is just like other subjects and if you want to master it you need to practice it through a proper way. She is helping out students for so many years so that English can't be the barrier in their way of success.
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Learn Spoken English with Aditi Banerjee (Bengali)
This Graphy is going to be a complete English speaking guide for the beginners and elementary level students who are willing to level up their English speaking skills and are determined to achieve their desired goal without being bothered of the language barrier. To speak fluent English, grammar is necessary but only the basic knowledge of it, and most of you know that well.Aditi Banerjee is going to focus on the crucial areas where she will be giving you daily life examples and train you how to speak in those situations. Along with that you will have a clear concept of modern English phrases and idioms, new terms, vocabularies, their meanings and usage in a sentence & pronunciations. Also at the end of the video she will be sharing some tips that you should follow and some mistakes that you should avoid while learning English. This Graphy is designed in such a way that it will be helpful to the students of all age (from a school student to a person preparing for interviews or want to start with English). After the end of the Graphy you will find yourself in such a position where you can feel confident to speak English in any situation. Aditi also believes that every good thing comes with determination, focus, positivity and hope. Join this Graphy, and in this journey with Aditi you will not regret.
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